Operation Rich in Beauty

Operation Rich In Beauty

What is it?

Operation Rich In Beauty has been a dream of mine and the idea is quite simple.

Everyday people do great things – not TIME recognized, CNN published things – but genuine actions that make differences to the average person.

Rarely do people get recognized for simple world changing things: picking up trash on the sidewalk instead of stepping over it or giving up a seat on the T for an elderly person.

These small actions can make someone else’s life easier, make another person smile, and overall better the world one bit at a time.

The object of ORB is to acknowledge what someone has done. We as a team don’t go looking for people that are doing good, but instead we see the good that is happening around.

Each time we see a caring person, we hand them a letter. Within the letter are a few words thanking the person for their work. Each letter is signed by the team member who handed the letter off so that we may take ownership of what we think makes a difference in the world.

See the beauty in everyone. Acknowledge the changes that they make everyday.

Kindness is around every corner.


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