As much walking as I did on day 13, I found it to be a great day.

I started in the morning by having tea with Martin, my couchsurfing host. He had to go for work but I guess enjoyed my company so on his way out he rubbed my face a lot… I don’t know. It is what it is.

After he left, I knew I would be on a mission. The previous night Martin told me that the Prague Castle wasn’t the original castle and although the original castle wasn’t preserved, there were some pieces that I should go see.

On my way to the castle, I accidentally got off at the wrong stop, which is the right stop if you’re looking for an adventure. I went to a McCafe (like, legit…it’s separate from a real McDonalds) grabbed an espresso macchiato and went on my way!

I just walked, to who knows where. I like to think that I have great directional abilities so when I looked at the sky I knew I had to West. (Okay, really I had previously been to the area where I got off the metro and knew that West was left from where I was standing and it would lead me to the river)

I walked for a long time, just looking around and occasionally thinking that I had gone the wrong way like I did on the first day in Prague. However, I found the river! And close by I could see a couple of spires from a church way up high where the old castle was. I walked a little bit more looking for a way up, thought I found one in a community of houses that led up the hill… And no. I just walked 1/4 mile up a steep hill that didn’t even have sidewalks because nobody walks up it… Only to find that there Was no entrance and just a huge wall that no one would try to climb unless to risk their death by tumbling down below into the River. So I had to climb back down to the bottom to search again for an entrance.

AH HA! I found an entrance to a stepped walkway up in a little alleyway between two condominium buildings. After running out of breath at the top, I found a place to sit on the gigantic wall to overlook Prague. Absolutely stunning views (which of course it what a castle wants so they can overlook who is coming by land and sea from all directions). The rest of the area was cafés, a child daycare center (why at the top of a mountain?), and a church with an absolutely beautiful cemetery. The art with which these grave stones were made blew me away. Some even had The deceased faces etched into the polished stone.

Neat fact: in Prague, by law all children must be named one of 365 names. They have name days (as shown on the astrological clock) and when it’s your name day you get the day off! They get a little funky with their last names though.

I descended to hopefully find some lunch or a park with a baguette. I found neither.

Nope, instead I decided I should check out the IcePub Bar which is a bar completely made out of ice under Europes largest club. When you go, you pay an entrance fee of 200 kc ($10) and then get dressed. They let people in every 30 minutes and only for 20 minutes. The $10 gets you a drink (or in my case with a coupon two drinks). There were 3 other guys waiting to enter into the bar so I gave them the coupons too. We got outfitted in our jackets and gloves which helped a lot since I was wearing shorts and a tank top.

In the bar it was pretty cool, and cold. My first drink was some sweet concoction that clearly tasted of vodka. When you drink it, it has to be a shot because the glass will melt in 2 minutes. When you’re done you smash it into the trash can. My second drink was from a long tube coming out of the mouth of an ice sculpture in the shape of a women. He pours your shot of vodka into the tube as you drink, you pick up the sweet chaser and then smash the glass again. A more fun version of the first drink.

The guys and I just walked around and took pictures.

I walked around looking for lunch after this, but for some reason was actually looking for beer (more alcohol?). On Day 11, I had drank grumbino which is good but the local favorite is Pilsner Urquell which was the first pilsner ever and invented in Prague. I found a place with a Tourist Menu, slightly offended, from which I ordered off (for the other local favorite honey cake) and bought myself a big beer of Pilsner Urquell. Both were delicious! Even the pasta I got was really good.

And more walking.

This walk I found an Absinthe museum where they sold Absinthe ice cream. The man at the front said I should try it, but I asked him if I should just try absinthe straight…. He told me that it was early and I’d probably get a little wasted early in the day (mind you all of this is before 2pm). So I got the ice cream which is actually pistachio flavored to mask the taste of absinthe which still comes through as a really bitter after taste.

At this point, I just wanted to lay down. I FINALLY FOUND A PLACE TO LAY ON GREEN GRASS IN PRAGUE AND ITS ON THE RIVER!! So I did as all good sunbathers do and took my shirt off and sunburned.

Of course sun bathing makes you tired so I ventured back onto the tram and metro to get back to the flat where I napped. Now I’ve struggled at some points thinking “why are you napping when there’s more to see?!” But really, if I didn’t nap I wouldn’t be able to enjoy as much as I have.

I did eventually get back up and take a shower before heading to Starbucks (actually bought a grande brewed coffee for 55kc, $2.75). I wrote my blog post for Day 12 and had to be headed back to the flat because Martin was dropping off 4 new couch surfers. One couple was Lithuanian with incredible English (the guy was very suave and at times seemed bored with the two others). The other two guys were Polish and just graduated high school. They actually hitchhiked from Poland, which I find incredible. Throughout the night we just talked about our countries and each other.

In fact, one of the polish guys (the one I can’t pronounce his name) helped me use airdrop…well, we attempted. It didn’t work, but at least I now know that air dropping pictures to my iPad is possible to get rid of them on my phone!

Yay!! Day 13 accomplished. Tomorrow I’m off to Vienna where I’ll stay with some university students studying for exams. They’re even letting me do my laundry!

Until next time.

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