On my way out of Germany I was recommended a stop in Dresden. It was on the way to my next destination (Prague) so why not!

Dresden is gorgeous (aren’t all cities in Europe?). I was surprised of how normal it seemed with bustling businesses and lots of people. The city continues to improve. I first went around the city just admiring the beauty, first walking through the area outside the train station which was pretty much a long beautiful strip mall and then the town square. The town square is , of course, the most famous area.

In the center there is a church that has an amazing interior of gold and marble. It wasn’t a dark design like most churches I’ve seen in Europe but rather built with pews of light colored wood, white marble, blue and gold paints and gold layers on the statues. I lit a prayer candle and signed the book to think about those whom are still at home and getting older or just need thoughts and prayers.

As I walked out of the church I found the chocolate shop I was told to stop at, Camondas. Pooja really really liked their cocoa powder covered chocolate ice cream. I indeed enjoyed it too… Nothing like sitting in a centuries old square with cold ice cream!

Dresden actually isn’t original as we all know. But the city spent soooooo much energy and time to rebuild the city to almost exact specifications after the bombings in WWII. What was interesting was that a lot of the infrastructure underground still remained intact after the blasts so the excavation sites for new buildings become open air museums as they dig. They study the materials and layouts from below and send them to an academy for further study. I was lucky enough to be there when they are digging for a new building in the town square.

The palace in Dresden was stupid beautiful. One of those places you just think are so elaborate that it would be hard to keep up. Inside the palace are two different museums and then there is a courtyard in the very center. I climbed on top of the palace and then descended into the gardens, but clearly that was my choice. I’m not sure the reasoning but the statues around the palace all had hooves as feet.

I was tired from walking around so I had to stop for lunch at some point. A German couple joined me at my table and although we didn’t talk because there was a language barrier, there’s not doubt we were all amused when a bird tried to eat her cake and then watch my sandwich. I grabbed dessert to go and wandered back to the train station.

I only stayed for 3 hours out and about and then another hour in the train station, but this trip is wearing me out. At some point I’ll end a sincere day of rest where I just sleep the whole day. So far, I’ve gotten up at latest 9am (usually before and I’m wandering at 9) and hardly ever do I go to bed before 1am.

On the way to Prague I tried to sleep a little on the train, but I was paranoid that I would miss my stop even though I had two hours and thirty minutes. I’m kind of glad I didn’t because the scenery was beautiful. The train traveled on the hillside along the river that cuts the country in half. People live in little villages and a lot of the times right on the tracks. In fact, there was a couple getting out of their pool naked as we drove by. I wonder how often that happens.

When I arrived in Prague my first goal was to find my hostel. I got directions, bought a 24 hour pass and hopped on the 22 tram… In the wrong direction. By the time my phone had loaded the tram map I had traveled 12 stops in the wrong direction. I hopped off and waited to make up for my stupidity.

Once I got to my actual stop I was in the heart of Old Prague, the first district, right beneath the palace. I walked up a steep hill toward the castle and there was my hostel, nestled nearly at the top under the large structure which is part of the castle complex. I dropped my bag off and I went on my way to explore Prague at night. I walk, personal preference.

I first found a bridge on the north of Prague so that I could take a nice picture with the Charles Bridge and the rest of Prague. For the rest of the night I wandered, bought a kebab for dinner and admired the beauty and low prices of everything.

Picturesssssss: Instagram – jlwright12