Prelude: I’m writing to you all from my train that’s taking me from Copenhagen to Hamburg. I have a Eurail pass so I can jump on and off a train anytime I want pretty much. The only trick is making sure you have a seat so I made sure to spend the extra 23 DKK, or $4, to reserve a seat. The chairs are comfortable and there are outlets (just no wifi?). It smells a little like used toilet paper…. But I don’t really give a sh*t (pun intended). It will take me about 4 1/2 hours to get to Hamburg… Until then I’ll just relax and listen to music.

But here’s an update on day 4 and 5!

By Day 4 and 5 I’m pretty sure that Emily and I are dead tired. We have walked everywhere, enjoyed plenty of sun and relaxed but that’s still exhausting. These two days were spent mostly exploring randomly in gardens, graveyards and eating the local cuisine (smorrebord – open faced sandwiches – and sausages).

I made friends!! And not American friends! The friend I made this time were from Hamburg. Originally I was going to cut out staying over in Hamburg and just day trip from Berlin. But, plans changed as my housing situation changed. Since I was going to have to spend money to stay somewhere from the 11-14, June I decided that it would be best spent in Hamburg.

This decision was also from an American friend, who Emily and I called Mike (not sure if that’s his name?) The American friend said that he really enjoyed Hamburg and that the museums are amazing. His exact words were, “It’s almost like you can’t open a museum in Hamburg if it’s not perfect.” That peaked my curiosity since I LOVE history – even though I suck at it.

The Hamburg friends strongly discouraged a day trip since it would take about 2 days to get a good feel for the city. One friend (Hakob) is a university student with amazing English (he even gets all the subtle jokes Emily and I made). The other’s Facebook name is Charlie Walker (although his real name is not anywhere close to that and it’s an inside joke between his friends that I didn’t get). But Charlie was an after school teacher working towards becoming a teacher in Germany, working at an inner city school. We immediately clicked and had similar chair throwing experiences.

However, the best thing about them is that they talk a lot (like me), are super excited to share in their culture with me and also shared everything about the night life!! To be honest, besides the museums and beer, nightlife was a huge excitement for me since Copenhagen didn’t have much.

I’ve also gotten really excited about France… Looking to cut out from other areas of my trip to give me more time there. This excitement was from another friend named Martin who was from France doing an advertising internship in Copenhagen. He was just so nice, funny and French. He spoke almost exclusively in English to me, even when I tried speaking French to him. Regardless, the chance to try my French and ask how to speak better have got me excited!

I’m loving hostels because of the people I’m meeting that aren’t American and are truly excited to interact with me as an American and willing to share about their own culture!!

I’ve started to write post cards and think about lots of people at home, which gives me a sense of still feeling connected. However, I have deleted my CNN app because I’m tired of updates from the US as I try to learn about the new cultures.

I know sometimes my thoughts are disconnected on these blog posts, but please give me credit. I’m writing on an iPad mini in a foreign country while tired and riding a train!!

Until next time (probably tomorrow!)

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