Well — rule number 1 of international travel —


Luckily I have a sense of humor about it…. I now can’t spend money in Copenhagen, one of the most expensive cities. Also lucky for me, I have backup credit cards. I called Charles Schwab to get a new debit card but had to call back again because they never sent me a form that I had to fill out. I’ll have the card sent to a friends place in Berlin (luckily I have friends?).

How did I lose it you ask? Well, I went for a run with Emily – wanted to take some pictures of the rhinos (yes, rhinoceros) in the park. Took my phone out of my arm band where my cards were and then did this again a few times on the run. However, what’s weird is that we retraced the steps and didn’t find either card and they just vanished…. I keep thinking I just had mental blocks to remember where I put them. Oh well, no big deal.

After the whole card non-fiasco, Emily and I went on our way to see The Little Mermaid and Christiana. The Little Mermaid was a really pretty statue on a rock…. On a harbor…. With lots of people out in the nice weather.

Everyone was getting their pictures with it by standing next to the rock, however I was bored by that picture… So I climbed up next to the statue. Not hard, but probably not easy for anyone vertically challenged or with little arm strength.

On our way to Christiana, we took the side routes through the non main streets to see what it’s truly like. Beautiful, to say the least…. And more quiet.

Christiana is a small community inside Copenhagen that has “succeeded” from the European Union. They still pay taxes after much fighting with local government, but they do live by their own rules. When you enter, they have three rules “Have fun, don’t run, No pictures.”

Not really a hard motto to live by. As you can imagine, the area is grungier with graffiti everywhere, kiosks of marijuana and lots of hanging out with a beer. It was rather easy to tell who was headed toward Christiana in the streets of Copenhagen. I surprisingly felt safe, comfortable and at ease there… No one was judging Or paying attention to anyone that wasn’t in their group. (However I heard later that day from a fellow hosteler that their rental bike had gotten stolen by a resident and there was a slight brawl to get it back once they found it)

Today was a louder day with lots of people in the streets and a lot more talking. We are starting to like Copenhagen more and think the national holiday may have sent local residents away for the long weekend, which is why it was so quiet. I guess we’ll see today (Tuesday) if it is a bustling city!

Our last event of the day (besides the usual hosteler talk) was getting some Carlsberg beer (other local favorite beer) and a sausage from the vendors. Both were quite delicious. We sat out in front of a church and ate and drank while watching people and chatting.

We haven’t gone out at night because we’ve felt very fulfilled by the days we’ve had. Not to mention the sunburns from yesterday (I’m more tan, but Emily has a lot more red).

Another day, another adventure.

PICTURESSSSSS: Instagram — jlwright12