Chill — chill in the speak quietly and walk slowly way. That is Copenhagen.

Thank goodness I’ve lived in Mississippi the last two years where I’ve learned how to walk slowly because I think I might have run a few people over otherwise. However, Mississippi has made me a louder person and I’ve certainly adjusted to speaking so that my conversations aren’t loud enough for others to hear – the Danish see no need to shout anything to the world.

Anyway, yesterday (because I’m writing in the AM of Day 3) we started the day our eating Brunch buffet. 100Kr for brunch equals to about $19. The cafe was right in a square of two more cafés and a church. While it was Sunday, there didn’t seem to be anyone really serious about going to church when the bells were ringing and calling for worshippers. The bells were vey nice to have brunch with though. The food wasn’t out of the ordinary by any means, but definitely the most Danish meal I’ve had thus far (and perhaps the most Danish I will get since they eat Asian cuisine in their restaurants). The most unique was what I thought to be a deviled egg, rather it was a hard boiled egg with mayonnaise on top and caviar. Unique because their mayonnaise has a strong flavor heavy flavor and caviar has never been an interest of mine (but it’s not that bad!!)

The day itself was a perfect pace. I never want to feel rushed and under pressure while I’m abroad. Day 2 was spent mozying around through many different gardens and into the National Gallery of Denmark. I love museums for their history but rarely the arts interpretation. This museum was by far the greatest I’ve been to for interpretation. Emily and I spent our time analyzing the sexual nature of all the paintings. However, I also found that some of the art was very racist with a video saying such things as “I have no interest in a nigger. Indians and Asians have no chance. I’m into white skinned boys” all this as the lyrics of an artistic music video within the museum. Strange, offensive, and not my cup of tea… However, it is art and a different culture.

That is something I’ve also become keenly aware of – the lack of diversity. The majority of the black persons I’ve seen have been working at a festival where they were picking up cans and bottles for the deposits. Perhaps it is simply my background for the last two years, but it bothers me when other races and cultures aren’t integrated into society on a non-equal basis. Of course, America has a long way to go, but I do believe we at least attempt to equalize and fight the battle.

Besides, the gallery, the city I’d sparse and we only found large amounts of people around a music setup in a park. They were young Danish residents who were sleeping, playing, chilling and more chilling. It was a great rest after the continuous walking.

Dinner (since we skipped lunch after a large breakfast) was wine, cheese and fruit by a lake where ducks and birds played in the water. The wine is of typical variety, cheap and light. However, we also got a 6-pack of Tuborg beer, a local favorite…. It tasted like Budweiser — not a complaint.

The rest of the night was spent in the hostel enjoying the time of other hostelers. We spoke about the many different stereotypes between countries, a lot about our love for animals and other topics so random I can’t even remember. It’s so nice that you can actually enjoy your time talking to others in the hostel and not feel like you missed anything outside.

Basically, Copenhagen is a very low-density city which happens to relax a lot and also is on Public holiday. The public holiday means the stores are closed and we are lucky to find a grocery store to buy food, but we definitely luck out because we see more people on the streets ( even still limited)

Clearly, I’m enjoying my relaxation but I can’t wait to see the pop of what’s next.

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