Really? Day one completed.

It’s almost like a mission to complete each day.

First we had to battle the 7 hour flight. To prep ourselves, Emily and I bought ourselves some nips (little mini alcohols) to bring through security and mix with drinks. Needless to say, we started having fun even before leaving. That was much needed when our 10:30pm flight didn’t leave until 12:15am. Emily and I just jokes shout flying to our motherland where most people are blonde hair and blue-eyed like us.

We arrived in Copenhagen at 1:45pm their time… Which was 7:45am EST. At customs I was friendly (apparently the friendlier you are at customs the more suspicious you are) and was asked “Where are you going next?” I was confused because I hadn’t even been admitted to Copenhagen through customs yet… So in my brilliance I said “I’m going to a hostel” to which he had no reply until I corrected myself, “Oh, I’m going to Copenhagen?”…. I warmly received my admittance stamp after that.

Uh oh, new city, new public transit, how the hell do I get to the hostel? Welp, after going through customs, we wandered to find coffee to sit and find our route. New issue, Copenhagen’s rumors of being expensive are true. $4.60 for a small coffee? More expensive if I went to Starbucks? Blamed it on being in the airport….

Finely we found the exit where we declared nothing (and no one asked any questions), and found an information desk… We were on our way to the hostel!

Our hostel is very pleasant. We are staying in a 66 bed dorm with free wifi, an amazing kitchen and superb cleanliness. No doubts Emily is no longer afraid that Hostels are straight from the horror movies like “Hostel”.

Anyway, we wandered. What else do you do when you can’t think straight, you’ve barely slept and you have no idea which way is up on a map.

Best nachos ever, and we definitely left a 50 dkk tip when the Danes don’t even tip… Needless to say a rookie mistake I’ll make only once unless I really like someone.

What I’m most surprised about is that people aren’t super friendly. Rated one of the happiest places on earth, you would think…

Nope, no one will say a word to me unless I speak first and even then they’re short with their conversations. Maybe it’s the English or perhaps that they think I’m Danish because I look similar to them? I don’t know… I’m here for interactions and that’s what I want… I can’t wait to chat up the next waiter and learn some Danish myself!!

For anyone that doesn’t believe me that people think I’m Danish here… I was in the airport and spoke English to a couple about our flight and the lady went on 2 minute Danish rant. It took her boyfriend to interpret my confused but agast smile for her to repeat herself in English.

Tonight is a chill night. Emily and I are sitting in the hostel organizing ourselves, reading and writing. It’s a wholly new experience for both of us and although we want to take it all in – we won’t get much out of the trip if we’re tired the whole time we are here.

Rest.relax.recharge. Take Europe by storm.

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