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I’ve mentioned several times that I really do like the ability to converse with people online about all the possible ways to teach mathematics, increase rigor and handle any issues.

These brilliant fellow teachers from all over the world have a million and one resources. They share, share, share… which is wonderful!

However, is it useful when you don’t have a plan to use their information?

I think in order to get more out of this professional development online, I need to organize a little bit more. Over the last 6 weeks I’ve been learning lots about a variety of topics, however, I haven’t really kept these ideas separated and in the forefront of my mind.

This week, I’m condensing this information into retrievable ways for me, and everyone else. Rather than sending myself an e-mail when I find something useful and filtering when I try to find it 10 months later, I’ll post everything I have found useful in my blog. It’s called a virtual filing cabinet. I’m not too sure how to use it to the best of my ability YET!

You’ll go on the adventure with me. (Should I organize by objective (finding slope), overall topic (linear lines), or just plop it all in there!?)

This man has got some great stuff for Algebra I teachers!


Here are some of the things I immediately (fell in love with)!

Number Sense on the Daily


One of my ‘go-to’s for activities for my students to think on a deeper level is:

Illustrative Mathematics

More Performance!

And for continuing Professional Development (live and recorded audio/visual!)

Global Math Department

I really can’t wait to keep updating this to ensure I keep ALL my professional development at the top of mind, and easily accessible.

Again, let me know if you have any ideas as to how to organize, or if there is a way to create separate pages for my topics!