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Interestingly, the internet is the reason that our current times process so much information. Watch this video to see how I often feel:


I think the best thing about these missions is that we’re able to collaborate with people throughout the nation. Normally, if we need an idea, we go to google, type in some search, and filter filter filter. Googling “information overload” brings back 22,200,000 results. It is not nearly possible for every single result to be useful to me in my context. Okay, so you narrow it, “information overload video”. WONDERFUL, I only have 15,200,000 results to filter through!


Alright, my point is that with #MTBos, I’m able to see what others have actually found to be useful. Unique ideas that can easily be altered and implemented. The blogosphere and twittersphere can reduce the number of searches.


What I like even more than the content available is the support available. Mr. Brenneman here (http://brennemath.blogspot.com/2013/10/for-posterity-awesome-teaching-day.html) talked about the good day which lends positive support to those whom had a bad day. He’s also preparing for a bad day himself when he’ll need to look back. BUT even more importantly, blogging, tweeting and other mediums are ways to REFLECT.

I have found that when I post something, I have begun to reflect on my experience. Why did this go wrong? What went really well? Where can I improve? Where should my students focus?


In my first year of teaching I met with my principal to talk about my goals for the year. I told her that I wanted to be an effective teacher by the end of my first year, so that when my students leave my classroom I know they gained something. The discussion brought up many key points, but it wasn’t until one of the other teachers gave me her input that something struck a cord. “What makes a teacher truly effective?”


Her answer, “A teacher that reflects and is able to use that reflection for purpose.”

From that moment on, I reflected everyday, albeit in short phrases online. But I was able to become the teacher that I wanted to be by thinking about where I was and how to get to the point that my students were enriched.

I think that this year I’ve gotten a little further from the path of reflection and progression, but #MTBos has put me back on that track. 3/4 of the year is left, and I’m bound to use each moment of it for the betterment of my teaching and students.

I encourage all my readers to do the same. By reflecting you will become a better teacher, realize your strengths like Mr. Brenneman and look for opportunities from your weaknesses. Share share share and we will continue to grow professionally!