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I’ve always been happy and confident in who I am. Until recently, I thought I was wholly comfortable being gay. In reality, I’m missing a whole part of the world.

I strive to be normal and gay. To me, normaly means not acting differently than others. No self-segregation and no activism to say I’m different.

I, and no other gay person is different. Straight people advocate for things they want – they just happen to already have marriage rights. If they didn’t, they’d be out protesting their lack of rights, too.

My new personal goal is to learn more about what it means to be gay and embrace the culture. In committing to this, I bought a subscription to OUT magazine. Sounds like a small deal, but being comfortable reading a gay magazine takes a lot of confidence in being gay.

Perhaps I will find that I just don’t acts of activism and advocating. If that is so, I will know why I’m not huge into the gay scene (it seems that the gay scene is largely based off fighting for our rights). I may find that I love it more than ever.

What I’m most excited about is the people that I will encounter and learn to really enjoy. I will find that some people are just to overbearing, but I’ll take the positive approach and get to know everyone before judging.

I’ll clue you in while I find out more about myself and what it means to be gay, especially living in Boston – where subtle conservatism eats up the gay population.