It’s been a long time since I last posted. Let me catch you up why.


Throughout this semester I have been participating in a program called CORE in the School of Management at Boston University. During this program you spend the semester in 4 courses (Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, and Informations Systems). The four courses are integrated into a project that requires a team to develop a product. In the end, it is results a 120 page business plan.

Our Product: Monroe Clips

— In short, the Monroe Clips are a weighted, customizable weighted skirt clip that attache to the hem of a skirt or dress to hold it down in the wind. The product is tailored toward women ages 15 and older that live in an urban, windy environment. I created the idea when I was walking on a windy summer day and the lady in front of me flashed her knickers accidentally. I’m sure she was embarrassed and unhappy, so I tried to create a solution — voila, Monroe Clips.

The Development: Hell

— Working on a team of 8 other strong headed people can never be fun. I assure you, it was not fun and nor was it helpful in developing my product idea. Many times, it seemed that I was no longer the creative inventor but rather the product developer and spear head of the actual design and physical creation of the item. I was appointed to the Operations Management segment of the team since I thought up Monroe Clips (even the name).

— I, over time, gave up some of my strong hold on the idea to the team so that they too could creatively develop the idea. Unfortunately, once they took ownership of the idea (originally having scolded the product) it was never the same. From the way they wanted to market the items to the communication that it would never be an invisible clip, it was always what they wanted.

— Ultimately, we have a 124 page business plan that is itself an accomplishment. I am proud that I now know how to make an idea, a reality. The lessons apply to a product, but more importantly any desire that is imaginative.

Lessons Learned: Go out and make your imaginations, reality

— I now know that I can easily make my product in my own house with a minimal monetary commitment. If I wanted to sell it on the mass market, I’d know how to do that too!

Monroe Clips will eventually be a reality!